Our Founder, Sophia Lawrence

     Sophia Lawrence was born in Kingston Jamaica and she migrated to the United States in 1985. She attended City College of New York and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1993. She sought employment with the Department of Education and was immediately hired as a Substitute Teacher in a Middle School in Bronx New York.  While she worked in the daytime as a Teacher she held on to her part time job as a Nurses Aide, just to ensure that if teaching did not work out she had a job to fall back on.  After developing a passion for teaching she resigned from her position as Nurses Aide and went back to Graduate School to pursue a Degree in Masters Education. Between September 1998 and May 2002 she completed two Masters Degrees; one with a concentration in Learning Technology, and the other in School Administration/Supervision.

     She became credentialed as a Regularly Appointed Public School Teacher, and has held varied positions in the Department of Education such as; Dean, Academy Leader, Technology Coach, Director and Assistant Principal. After working in the public school system for over sixteen years she resigned to become a fulltime therapist for young children 0-3 years old who were diagnosed with Autism.

     Sophia is mother to a phenomenal, humble, fun-loving and athletic son, Tyler Vassell. In addition to spending time with her son, she attends Church regularly. Sophia loves to conduct researches and experimented with different ingredients for her hair and skin, some of them from her personal kitchen.  In 2013 she did what she’s always done when it came to experimenting; with a pinch of varied concoctions from her kitchen cupboard and some store-bought items.  This time she took a finished product to be sampled by a Beautician and some good Ole Church Sisters.  Unbeknownst to her, this would be the confirmation that she sought.  During Bible Study, her Spiritual Father – Bishop Roberts spoke Prophetically about “Someone who would go into their kitchen cupboards and become an inventor!”

Since that Prophetic word more than five years ago, Sophia Trade Marked her Brand Name; Kingdom Royale Hair N Body, she was featured on The Crystal Jones TV Show, WBLS – a Syndicated NYC Radio Station, BDiscovered Radio Show, Bro Gary Radio Show, Praise Radio Show, Ricky Geneius Radio Show, interviewed by Local Bronx News 12, featured in more than three magazines, received International spot-light interviews from The Jamaican Observer, The Jamaican Gleaner Newspapers and CVM @Sunrise Morning Show.  In addition, she appeared at
Pop-Up Shops/Expos/Conferences & Health/Wellness Events in the Tri-State areas, Atlanta Georgia and Connecticut.

     In 2017 she went back to school once again, however this time to study Esthetics.  She is now a NYS Licensed Esthetician.  During her time of Esthetics study, she gleaned knowledge about varied skin-types and the formulations that were more beneficial to each.  Over the course of 9 months, she was able to put together yet two more beneficial formulations to create; The Anti-aging Moisturizer and Anti-aging Cleanser.