Laser Hair Removal

A speedy procedure used to remove hairs in short time. Hair regrows at a slower and thinner rate and over a period of time, it results in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. 



Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Include:

  • Reduction in the Number of Ingrown Hairs.
  • Leaves Your Skin Softer and Smoother Than Before.
  • It Reduces Hair Growth Production Overtime.
  • Our Laser Treatment Allows You To Shave Between Sessions.

Things to Note

In addition to shaving before your treatment, make sure you wear sunscreen when going outside.  You should also avoid tanning, saunas or steam rooms and using any kind of tanning lotion or spray.

After your laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid putting on perfumes and taking hot showers for at least 24 hours

Possible Cons Of Laser Hair Removal:

It is A Long Process: Although a session may take as little as fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the treatment areas, to see long-term results requires multiple sessions over the course of a few months. It is recommended that an individual receives 4-8 treatments depending on their hair type and skin type. These sessions must be spaced out 3-4 weeks apart to ensure accurate results.

Possible Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

  • Redness and irritation of the skin, crusting of infected areas, and a change in skin color to either darker or lighter in tone.
  • The laser may also cause photosensitivity (sensitivity to sun exposure), hence clients are advised to avoid sunlight before and after treatment, lest discoloration may occur.
  • Less common, but more serious side effects can include skin infection, scarring, burns and blisters, and eye injuries due to the laser.

Laser hair removal is a beauty investment and the upfront costs will be way more expensive than just buying a pack of razors from your local drugstore. However, you will be saving significant amounts of money in the long run from no longer needing to pay for waxing services or purchasing packages of razors over and over again.