Distributor’s Kit:  ($350.00) This KIT is for those individuals who have agreed to become Kingdom Royale HairN Body Independent Distributors. 

The KIT contains: 1 Aftershave Mist,  1 Aftershave Gel,  1 Brown Sugar Scrub,  1 Anti-Age Moisturizer, 1 Face Cleanser, 1 Anti-Age Serum, 1 Lemon Drop Souffle, 1 Lavender Souffle, 1 Lemon Grass Lotion, 1 Lady Catherine Body Wash, 1 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Pepermint Shampoo, 1 Morning Souffle, 1 Ren Ren Shampoo, 1 Ren Ren Puddin, 1 Ren Ren Conditioner  1 Ren Ren Mist, 1 Royal Shea Conditioner, 1 Tropical Blend Body Mist (2 Sets of Ren Ren Childens 1oz Hair Kits,  2 Sets  of Regular Hair System 1oz Hair Kits.) NB: Hair Kits will be given after training.


– Create another “Stream Of Income”
– Set your own schedule
– Become your own boss
– Be a part of Kingdom building that includes “YOU”
– Get on board with a Company that’s about to go GLOBAL
– Unlimited amount of training and resources will be provide


Tired of waiting for the next paycheck to come in? Well, look no further.  Kingdom Royale Hair N Body is a Brand that was created more than 5 years ago by Sophia Lawrence who has the same concerns as most of you?  Providing for her family and working a job that she love because it helps people.  That’s what Kingdom Royale Hair N Body does, it helps people to add another Stream of Income and set you on the way to financial freedom.


If you have great people skills, or would like to develop better people skills and are interested in joining the Kingdom Royale Hair N Body team that improve “Lifestyles” Purchase your KIT TODAY!!!