Ren Ren's Children's System

Ren Ren's Children's System

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Ren Ren’s Blissful Fruit Shampoo:  850001660112

A mild shampoo that was specifically formulated to not only cleanse children's hair, but will also nurture their hair. It removes grease, grime, product build-up from the shaft of the head while protecting and fostering hair follicle growth. It leaves the hair clean and soft. Our Ren Ren's Blissful Fruit Cleansing Shampoo was formulated with a blend of Herbs and Essential Oils designed to clean the hair shaft of children, most hair-types can indulge in this product. When applying Keep away from the eyes.

Ren Ren’s Hair Jam Puddin:  850001660143

Ren Ren's Hair Jam Puddin' - This is a Cold Pressed Souffle that is infused with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Essential Oil and other oils that promote healing to the scalp as a whole. It promotes moisture to the hair. It's a great product for twist-out curls, or to slick your young ones hair in place without greasy product build up.  Its light-weight so it dissolves easily.

Ren Ren’s Watermelon Leave-In Mist:  850001660136

Ren Ren's Watermelon Leave-In Mist - Was formulated to replenish the hair and overall skin with vitamins E and C while providing moisture. This mist will replenish the entire head and skin. It compliments the Ren Ren's Blissful Fruit Shampoo, It is great for twist-out styles or wash and go.  It was specifically designed for children

Ren Ren’s Moisture Taming Conditioner:  850001660129

A Conditioner that is sulfate-free, detangles while it conditions and restores body and shine to most hair-types. It is infused with Shea Butter, Olive Oils, and other active ingredients to leave your hair smelling and feeling great!! No Silicones or harmful products included.